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SO53 Ltd acquires Netmotivated UK Ltd Customer Base

With effect from 1st October 2015 SO53 Ltd acquired the Netmotivated UK Ltd customer base. As a result all hosting accounts will be migrated to a new hosting platform over the next 30 days. If you are are dedicated server (VPS) or server co-location customer you will be contacted directly in the next 24 hours to discuss your options.

We are aware that some customers have had some long running support issues in recent times and we can schedule for your accounts to be migrated as top priority. If you are one of those clients with urgent issues please email immediately and we will get things scheduled straightaway.

Below we have anticipated questions you may and provide answers accordingly.

Important notice for customers hosted on the Netmotivated server PSA1

There is an outage on this server currently, see our announcement here:


Who are SO53?

SO53 are a website hosting and design business run by a previous director of Netmotivated (up until July 2013) setup in 2012. Based near Southampton, SO53 was primarily setup to be a website design agency but has since established itself as a hosting provider as well and when it became apparent that there was an opportunity to bring customers from Netmotivated onboard steps were put in place to manage the influx of large volume of new customers which is now ready.

What will happen to Netmotivated?

Netmotivated's hosting servers will be shutdown once migrations are complete and the company will cease trading. We anticipate completion by the 28th November 2015.

What if I don't want to migrate to SO53?

We understand that as a result of this announcement that you may wish to review your current hosting arrangements, however we would like the opportunity to host your account and provide you with a high level of service. Please be aware if you choose not to migrate to SO53 we will not be able to refund annually paid accounts that have remaining months.

When will migrations start?

We plan to start with migrations immediately and you will be advised accordingly. We plan to complete migrations by 28th November 2015.

What will you migrate?

Your billing account and all your website files/databases and email. In most cases this will be automated and disruption should be minimal.

It maybe necessary to migrate your email accounts manually depending on the servers we are migrating your accounts from. In such cases we will either ask you to provide the passwords for each account or we will reset them during the migration and advise you of the new passwords once the migration is complete and you will be free to change the passwords via your new hosting control panel if you so wish.

Who do I go to now for support?

With immediate effect direct all your support queries to as this is the dedicated support address for the Netmotivated account migrations.

If you are currently experiencing email issues with Netmotivated then please make sure you email us from an email account/domain that is not affected so that our communication with you is uninterrupted.

Do you provide phone support?

Yes, for customers on our hosting platform we offer 24/7 phone and email technical support, however, as you can appreciate our phone switchboard is likely to be very busy as a result of this announcement.

Please note, the SO53 team can not handle support issues relating directly to hosting issues on Netmotivated servers at this time and we therefore ask that you email only to or use our live chat facility on our website (if available).

Once your account has been migrated you are more than welcome to call for support or request technical support via our email based support ticket system (recommended/preferred).

How long does the migration take?

This depends on how much data we have to migrate from your account. If you have an account currently consuming 1GB of data (both website and email data) we can get this migrated within an hour or so once the process has started often sooner and in most cases without any downtime.

Billing Information

Will there be changes to what I am being charged for my hosting?

In most cases, No. For standard hosting accounts we will be honouring the current rates you're paying with Netmotivated. In fact in some cases we maybe able to reduce your bills.

For dedicated server (VPS) customers we will review your current pricing and do our best to maintain your existing rates. If you pay for your hosting annually and you have remaining months we will honour your existing billing period.

Will there be changes to domain name renewal prices?

Yes, you can see our domain name pricing here

Who do I pay?

Until your account is migrated you will continue to be invoiced by Netmotivated and you are to pay Netmotivated as normal. Once your account is migrated you will then be billed by SO53 ongoing.

Are SO53's payment details different to Netmotivated?

Yes, whilst we offer the same payment methods e.g. Paypal, Bank Transfer and Cheque our Paypal address, bank details and Cheque payable names are different. Cheques are to made payable to SO53 Ltd and for bank transfers you will need to submit payments to the bank details provided at the bottom of our invoices.

Cheque payments - due to the high cost of processing cheques nowadays we will add a GBP1.50 charge to each service/domain renewal invoice where the customer's existing payment method is by Cheque. We do plan to phase out cheque payments in the near future and we recommend existing cheque paying customers to switch to our Direct Debit payment method. For more information email us on

Do you offer recurring billing methods?

Yes, we offer recurring payments for hosting via Paypal (you can select 'Paypal Subscribe' when you make payment for an invoice in your account to setup a recurring billing plan) or alternatively you can choose to pay by Direct Debit which is our preferred billing method.

If you would like to pay by Direct Debit please email us at with a subject line of 'I want to pay by Direct Debit' and we'll organise for a link to be emailed to you so you can submit your details online. It's a very quick and easy setup process, everything is done online and you'll be signed up within a minute or so. We take Direct Debits on the first of every of month.

What will happen to the domain names registered with Netmotivated?

All domains currently registered with Netmotivated will come under the control of SO53 and you do not need to anything. 

.uk domain names - If you have yet to reassign a registrar for your .uk domain names as per Netmotivated's notice on 4th September 2014 you will need to get arrange this immediately. SO53 will not be able to manage any .uk domains on your behalf that have not already been reassigned to Netmotivated's domain registrar. If you have any concerns on this matter please email with a subject of ".uk domain - []" and we will do our best to advise you further.

Technical Information

Will my website's IP address change? If so, what will my new one be?

Yes, your website's IP address will change however for most of you this will not be a concern. For those that do need to know what the new IP address is, you will be able to find it in your new hosting control panel. Due to the nature of our hosting platform we cannot confirm what your new IP will be until your account migration is completed.

I currently have a dedicated IP address with Netmotivated, will this be available with SO53?

No, for standard hosting plans you will only be able to have a dedicated IP for the purposes of running an SSL certificate on a given domain.

Will my website path change?

Yes, for standard hosting plans, it will become the following:

/var/sites/y/ (where 'y' is the first letter of your hosting domain)

Will there be a name server change?

Yes and for domain names registered with Netmotivated we will manage the name server change on your behalf.

If you manage your domain name through a third party provider you will need to update the domain's name servers to and, however, you must only do this when we advise you to.

What else do I need to be aware of regarding my website migration?

If you have a database driven website e.g. it uses a content management system such as Wordpress or a shopping system like Opencast, Magento etc your config file will need to be updated. We will attempt to do this on your behalf during the migration where possible however you will need to check this once the migration is complete and of course any issues you have as a result we will get sorted for you.

The key differences you will need to be aware of are 1) the path change as mentioned above and 2) the database hostname will not be 'localhost'. Due to the nature of the hosting platform the database hostname will be the IP address of the database server and you can get this IP address from within your new hosting control panel.

PHP Versions

Our hosting platform allows you to easily switch your website between different PHP versions, currently 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6. On migration we will match the PHP version that your current website is using to ensure you don't have compatibility issues, thereafter you are free to configure your website to use a more recent version to allow you to run the latest versions of applications you are currently running.

What next?

We will be in touch. 

However, if you have any questions in the meantime please email us on which is an email account we've setup dedicated to the migration of customers from Netmotivated.