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Website Design in Southampton

Website Design in Southampton


Do you need a website or perhaps your existing website is in need of an update? You may be thinking about doing it yourself, however, we say think again....

There is a lot that goes into website design beyond the initial coding that must be learned. There are both styling and marketing elements that are placed into the website to bring in more customers, and then keep their attention. We have written an article "Thinking of building your own website" which might help you make your mind up on which path to follow.

Website Design Southampton

We are local web design company based near Southampton, just down the road in Chandler's Ford, our company name, SO53, is also our post code. Whilst we typically do 99% of our communication via email and phone we know many clients feel more at ease working with a company that is close by, whether or not they meet us face to face. Working with a local company also gives you the benefit of being able to directly communicate any problems that you may be having should the need arise.

Quality website design doesn't always come at a high price

Take a look at our work and the prices we charge and you will see that we are very capable of creating quality websites without it costing you the earth. Combining style and practicality we can create a website that will make your company stand out against it's competitors as a professional, quality business.


We believe the more simple the design, the less confusing a website will be to customers. A confused customer will move onto another website, probably to a competitor, never to return so it's important to make a lasting first impression. 

A website is no good if it can't be found

Marketing your website is almost as important as the design itself. If people can't find your website in Google or Bing (other search engines are available!) you aren't going to receive any additional traffic to your website and therefore no extra sales (if that is your goal).

You've probably heard the words "Search engine optimisation" or "SEO". This is a common technique adopted by any self-respecting website designer or agency because it is so effective and relatively cheap compared to other forms of advertising. This online marketing technique starts in the code and content of your website itself so it's important to get these elements right. The aim is to get your website appearing high in search listings "organically" (e.g not with sponsored advertising like Google Adwords) as it is essentially free advertising!

SEO isn't rocket science, however it does takes time and good understanding of the major principles to be effective. Poorly executed SEO can actually do harm to your business.


Here at SO53 we can take charge of all of this for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your day to day business where your time is needed most.

Contact us today to get your website on track!




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