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GoCardless a cost effective Direct Debit solution for small business

GoCardless a cost effective Direct Debit solution for small business

Over the years I have worked with many website design clients across Southampton, Eastleigh, Chandler's Ford and beyond. A particular challenge has always been when helping clients with online payment solutions for their business. Whilst most small business solutions available will happily accommodate them, a Direct Debit payment solution has tended to be cost prohibitive and a general no-goer.... until now.

Introducing GoCardless

Before GoCardless, and from my own previous experience, setting up a Direct Debit payment system for your small business involved completing a lengthy application process including a credit check on your business, chargeback reserve (if you have no credit history) and a significant setup fee. Furthermore, the setup process could take anything from 3-30 days before being able to use the service. In general, having a Direct Debit solution for your small business or startup has been out of reach, even though Direct Debit is a well used and well regarded method of payment for most bill payers in the UK.

GoCardless has been a game changer, offering a Direct Debit service that literally allows anyone to take payments with an account setup process taking only a few minutes online after which you can start taking payments immediately with minimal fuss. The service is most suitable for taking regularly (monthly, quarterly etc) payments whether they are fixed or variable amounts, although you can take one off payments as well.

The icing on the cake

  • No lengthy account setup
  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee
  • No collection limits
  • No funds heldback
  • Just 1% per transaction fee, capped at £2 per transaction - we like this!


SO53 use GoCardless

I signed us up to GoCardless without hesitation and love it, if I didn't, I certainly wouldn't have written this article.

Is GoCardless for you?

More than likely!

For more information, vist the GoCardless website

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