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A Southampton website, search engine success and more customers

A Southampton website, search engine success and more customers

We are really happy to see yet another of our clients achieving organic Google page 1 rankings for many of it's targeted keywords and for some, position 1. This success has generated a noticeable increase in sales enquiries for our client.

Mark, the owner of Southampton based DGS Trees, has been working with SO53 for several years on various projects. DGS Trees was founded in 2012 and we were asked by Mark to develop a brand new website for his new business project to capitalise on his wealth of experience in the tree services industry with a view to helping him grow the business predominantly through the website.

So how did we achieve good search engine rankings?

Search engine optimisation is not rocket science but it does require time, understanding and a good dollop of patience whilst researching and implementing website changes to achieve desired results over a period of time. Even the simplest of changes can make a huge impact if done appropriately. A knowledge of the client's marketplace and their competitors is also key in deciding how to add relevant content to website pages to maximum effect.

Content is King

We often have people mention meta tags, such as the meta keyword tag, when discussing the requirements of their website, however, many of these tags have little relevance nowadays in how websites are indexed and ranked by Google. Google places strong emphasis on the visible content of your web pages and natural links to your website. The page content needs to be relevant to the marketplace and the product/service you want to optimise for. Furthermore, the content needs to be 'readable' for the visitor and not stuffed with keywords. The rule of thumb is to write the content for the visitor not for search engines. Well constructed content matched with correct page titles and descriptions is a good recipe for success.

Not forgetting Google Guidelines... ignore them at your peril!

Google are frequently updating their search algorithms to improve their users search experience and in doing so often weed out (no pun intended) websites using out of date, sometimes unethical SEO techniques. It has always been the primary aim of SO53 to work within Google's guidelines when building websites for clients and we recommend any webmaster to use them as a firm basis for their SEO strategy.

So.... how well is your website doing?

Are you a Southampton based business, with a website that isn't performing well in Google for your business services and products?

Not sure how to check?

Go to search for your business product or service (don't enter your business name) followed by Southampton e.g. tree services southampton (which happens to be a phrase we have used on the DGS Trees website)  ... If you don't see your website anywhere in the top 1-3 pages but you do see your competitors, then you are probably losing business to them. Get in touch and we can recommend some changes that you can implement yourself or if you are not confident in doing so we can update the website for you at a reasonable price.

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