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More branded items have arrived, this time it's postcards!

More branded items have arrived, this time it's postcards!

I took delivery of our marketing postcards today, designed by us, printed by

If you have a business address in the Chandler's Ford / Eastleigh area you might see one fly through your letterbox some time soon.

Promoting business offline

Yes we have a website and yes we are optimising it for Google etc., but printed (aka offline) marketing material still has a part to play in promoting your business brand and the reason we have been designing branded material for our own business, such as these postcards. Brand recognition can give your business a considerable edge over others that are less visible. The more visible the brand the more people will remember it and that isn't always achievable via the internet alone, particular if your business depends on trade in your local area and surrounding communities.

Don't bin it!

Our postcards come with a discount code, so instead of discarding it without further thought (isn't that what we all do?!), keep it handy for when you next need something doing to your website or use it to get a super new website for even less. 

We are on your doorstep!

Like our postcards say, if your business is in the Chandler's Ford / Eastleigh area we are on your doorstep, ready and willing to discuss your next website project. From simple updates, to search engine optimisation, to full website design / redesign, we have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you maximise your website's potential.

If you get one of our postcards through your letterbox give us a call (or drop an email) and make use of that discount code. Even if a postcard never arrives at your address you can still get in touch, just mention this blog article and I am sure we can work in some discount for you!

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