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As a website designer it's all play and no work, right?

As a website designer it's all play and no work, right?

Hardly! Website design work can be very challenging on the mind at times, often requiring long hours and attention to detail to get the site just how the client wants it. Such is the concentration, when deep into a project, hours can fly by sat in front of my Mac without pause for food or thought other than the job at end.

Some people assume it's straightforward to do a website... signup for a £2 month service, choose a predefined template that kind of fits your business, whack on a logo and away you go... easy yeah?! But to make a truly good website for your business that works for the purpose it was intended for and seriously looks good, takes time, knowledge, skill and an ongoing commitment to evolve the site, keeping it up-to-date and relevant.

A clear minded designer is a happy designer and a tired husky is definitely a happy husky!

To ensure my clients get the possible service it's important as a website designer to think clearly to get the best results so unwinding at the end of a project or working day is vital. I find there is no better way to do this than to go out running with my huskies, either on foot, scooter or rig. It's a great work out for both man and dog. The pictures above are of me from a recent Canicross event, hanging on to the scooter whilst Kai and Delilah pull me round a 5km trail then letting Mya run me through the puddles for another 5km..... looks good fun eh!

Refreshed and ready for your website

I'm ready for your website project, so get in touch and let's move it forward.



Photos courtesy of Shane Wilkinson 07901 590723 © chillpics [email protected] - Action from the CaniX organised event at Buttersteep Rise, Surrey on Sat 9th & Sun 10th Mar 2013.

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