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Thinking of building your own a website?

Thinking of building your own a website?

It does have its perks, don't get us wrong, particularly with the free or low monthly fee based services/software like Wordpress, Wix, Moonfruit etc. that flood the website design market. However, here are 5 reasons why choosing a professionally made website is a great investment and money well spent.

That professional design edge

Graphic design is a funny old thing. Some designs look superb, and some designs look poor, but it's always difficult to quite put your finger on why. There's something about them, perhaps only the smallest of tweaks, which suddenly gives a design that real 'professional' look.

A website designer is an expert in graphic design, and an expert in creating website buttons, layouts, menus and pages, relative to your requirements, which look seriously impressive. By investing in professional website design, at least you know that you can end up with a website which has the same kind of quality and class as the websites of the largest corporations around.

Coding & development – giving your website solid foundations

When you look at the options, professional coding is the only viable choice unless you have expansive coding knowledge of your own.

1). Free or paid design software – Requires knowledge of HTML and CSS for a professional errorfree.

2). Software & pre-made website design templates – A better option indeed, but once you need to make modifications to the template (even small ones like adding your own logo) coding knowledge becomes essential. Without it, the quality of the original template design can become unravelled.

3). Online website builder – Just like option one and two, but it’s web based.

Website design professionals are fluent in the coding languages of XHTML, CSS, PHP so they can not only ensure that the foundations of your website are solidly built, but can also open up the possibility of website features which can really only be created by coding experts. Contact forms, animated menus, slideshows, interactive tools, automated quote tools, content management systems, blogs and more - just to name a few. Add to this the knowledge to correctly optimise your website for search engines. Amateur website designers may not know much about the intricate coding involved in putting such features together, but that's where an expert can come in to take it all off your hands and do what is best for your website.

Improving sales

If you sell products or services online, the quality and the usability of your new website can play a critical role in the number of sales you make. The better the website, the more credible, trustworthy and higher quality your business appears. This is why investing in a professional design could result in your website eventually paying for itself (plus much more) in increased sales levels. Plus, if you sell online products, a professional design company like SO53 can create e-commerce websites which include security encryption and fully automated checkout systems as standard.

Getting your website online

There's more to a website than just creating it. Your domain name must have its nameservers pointed towards your website hosting account, and then the entire website must be uploaded to your webspace along with any images, stylesheets and back-end code files.

Sound confusing? Any professional website design company, including SO53, can sort all of this out for you and make sure that the website you've paid for is fully online and operating without a hitch. It's the least we can do.

Leaving it in safe hands so you can focus on what you do best

Some websites take days, some weeks, some months. By paying for a website design, you will not only receive highly professional results, but you will also free yourself up to focus on day-to-day needs, whether it's running a business or working in full-time employment. It's potentially BETTER results for LESS work on your part. No need for numerous days toiling in-front of a computer and having to deal with the many issues which can be thrown up by the toils of website development.

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