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Our MiniCards from MOO have arrived

Our MiniCards from MOO have arrived

I received our new business cards today from But these are no ordinary business cards, they are MiniCards.

What's a MiniCard?

Well quite simply, it's half the size of a standard business card. It's a unique card in size and shape, they look unusual and have, I think,  more personality than your standard business card. 

I created a custom 2-sided design and uploaded it to our MOO account. You can have a 2-sided design as standard at no additional cost.

How about a different image on every card?

Whilst we didn't choose this option for our first order of MiniCards, MOO provide an option to have a different image on every card, how cool is that! It's sure to make an impression at your next networking/business meeting. Spread them out and get people to pick their favourite.... sounds like a great conversation starter to me, perhaps a foot in the door to you next business deal?

Fast Delivery

I ordered the MiniCards on Thursday 21st Feb at around 10pm and received them 11am on Tuesday 26th Feb. MOO-vellous!

Want to get your hands some MiniCards?

Easy. Visit, upload your own custom design or choose from 50+ designs available and away you go.

SO53 can design more than just websites, we can create a custom design for your business card too, please get in touch with us for more information.



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