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Long tail keyword suggestions made easy with Hittail

Long tail keyword suggestions made easy with Hittail

As a company that manages content and search engine optimisation for clients, we believe it is important to get access to the best possible data that will aid our efforts in achieving high rankings for their sites.

Forget the standard keywords that every man and his dog are competing for, it's time to look further.

Have you heard about long tail keywords?

The web definition says "Long tail keywords are keyword phrases composed of three or more words that collectively are more specific than a single keyword. Long tail keywords are more likely to convert to sales than shorter, more generic keywords because there is less competition for them. Generally, the more specific the search, the closer the searcher is to the act of purchasing a product or service."

As you can see, by discovering the long tail keywords related to your business and then using them in your online content could be the key to increasing your sales and enquiries.

Enter HitTail, it's so easy.

HitTail is a great service that we use here at SO53 to discover long tail keywords for use in our client websites.

It is so easy to use, a true time saver compared with trudging around standard analytics programs to find anything remotely similar. Within a matter a minutes you will see, in real time, long tail keyword suggestions relevant to your business.

Simply sign up to the service (a free trial is available, so you have nothing to lose!), add the tracking code provided into your website pages, then return to your HitTail account, click on the 'Keywords' button and a list will start to appear (this will of course depend on how busy your website is). The service provides suggestions which you can use in your website content, advertising/newsletters and social meda sites, that can help boost your positions in search results and deliver more qualified visitors to your website.

So HitTail has given you some long tail keyword suggestions, now what?

Simple. Create new content on your website or blog incorporating the long tail keywords suggested. Just make sure your content is written in a natural way to get the best results.

I don't have time to write up new content?

This is a common problem, particularly for people that run or work for a small business where time is precious and not readily available to write new content for their website on a regular basis.

Fear note, HitTail comes up trumps again. For a very low fee of $19 for 400 words of targeted content, they will do it for you, all you do is complete a simple form for the content you need writing and where it will be placed and HitTail will do the rest. Upon receipt of your new content, just copy and paste it where you want it to appear. Done.


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